Is it possible to have Voice chat sync with In-game audio?

Is it possible to sync up the audio from voice chat to sounds/music that plays in-game with little delay as possible?

For an example , is it possible for a player to sing using vc to a song in-game to other players and it is on beat?

If there is any delay , is there a way to calculate it or are vc audio and in-game audio impossible to sync?

just wanted to ask.

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There’s a problem where player’s pings/latency are always different, which means you can’t easily sync up their singing if there’s more than 2 players at a time, because the other 2 players (if there are, for example, 3 players) would have slightly different pings/latency, meaning one of them will be desynced. If you use averages, and their pings are similar enough, however, you can potentially make the desync “invisible” to the ear.