Is it possible to import an .rbxl file into a Roblox Game!

I’m the owner of a ro-aviation airline, and I was wondering if it is possible to import .rbxl files into a Roblox Game?

I’m trying to import an airport into one of my other airports as a destination, but cannot seem to import.

I have tried searching it up on YouTube but have only seen results on opening a game through a file directly, not importing a game into another.

(Also, sorry if I put this in the incorrect category)


Open the place file on its own, select all of the contents that you wish to move to the other place, and either:

a) copy what you want, open your destination place, and paste it in.

b) right click and save to file as an rbxm (a model file). You can then close that place, open your destination place, right click on Workspace and insert from file.


I’ll try that method now, thank you!

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It worked but I think my Studio crashed. :eyes: I’ll fix that though, thanks!