Is it possible to increase an animation's play speed?

Hello, and thank you for looking at this post!

I want to allow for different swing speeds to add variety to axes in the game I’m working on.
This gif is what I want to achieve:

I’m trying to use this to speed up the animation, as I haven’t found any other way. However I’d only experienced it speeding up the duration rather then the play speed.


This is how it turns out:

Apologies on the slow gifs, as I can’t make them faster without removing the frame count, thus making them more unrecognizable.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!

Use SwingAnim:AdjustWeight(), it should work.

Sadly no, it didn’t make a difference.
Thanks for notifying me of Animation:AdjustWeight(), as I didn’t find that when I was looking.

I figured it out!
Apologies for not including where I placed the Animation:Play() portion of the code.
I had it like this before:


From this I learned that Animation:AdjustSpeed(x) only works after the Animation:Play()
So doing:


Fixed it.

Again, apologies on not giving more information on the actual code surrounding it.

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