Is it possible to make a comic ad that's mostly GFX? + other advertisement questions

So right now, i’m working with a client on a game he’s making and we’re trying to come up with ways to advertise. ( Cant say anything about the project since it’s not released. )

But i was mainly looking for something that’s unique, something that stands out among the other advertisements you see on a daily basis.

So i came up with the idea of a comic based ad where 70%-80% of it is fully GFX instead of 2D.

I haven’t any seen advertisements like that in years ( I think Mad Studio made 1-2 of those but thats it. ) so i’m wondering if it’s even possible.

I’m aiming for each GFX panel to have the same quality as this render i made yesterday.

It’s an idea i’m very interested in, but considering that advertisements like that havent been talked about on the DevForum before and that possibly nobody makes them now…it’s a concerning thought.

I cant talk about what it’ll look like so i’ll post this rushed concept art i drew in 5 minutes that’ll give you some idea of what the ad will be like.
( Only me and the owner have access to a more detailed one. )

The ad will most likely be made in Blender and GIMP if you want more detail.

Right now, only concept art of it exists and no other work has actually been made since this idea is brand new. I’m only looking for suggestions or tips or anything else helpful.

Any other advertising tips that have nothing to do with GFX are welcomed here also.

My main questions are this:

  • Is the idea possible to make?
  • Will this drive in players or drive them away?
  • Is there a way to make small GFX renders that fit each panel above?
  • Is it better to sponsor a game instead of relying on advertisements?

The most helpful answer/tip to this situation will be marked as the solution.


Use sunbursts! Those are used alot in comics,
Make it stand out more, more color for example,
Tell the story clear enough.


I have no experience with GFX, but i think i could respond some of your questions;

Is this idea possible to make?

Well, possibly. Seems a good idea to me. I’ve seen ads in the past (kinda) like these. Like the Mad Studio ones, which looked like it was made from Garry’s Mod or SFM (Source Filmmaker)

Will this drive in players or drive them away?

It will probaly catch a eye on the players. Comic ads were attractive on the site, but many people used to steal them, since they probaly used to get many clicks.

So, here’s a tip:

Even with the game logo, i’d recommend putting a watermark with your username or the creator of the game. If you prefer using your username, make sure to the creator credit you in the description as a GFX artist, or else people might think the creator stole the advertisement. (Beaware that this is just a speculation.)

Is it better to sponsor a game instead of relying on advertisements?

I don’t really know on this one. Many of the sponsored games on the games page seems to be ‘‘spam’’ games, like those which are ‘‘X character obby!’’, that doesn’t get much attention, so if i was you i’d rely on advertisements.

I hope this helped you! :happy1:


Gonna start experimenting with this comic idea i have, still open to more tips/solutions from people!

( And especially the 3rd question, that’s something i definitely need to know. )