Is it possible to make a game like say madden?

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I wanna make a game like madden where its press a button to pass to that player.
I don’t know if this is possible if it isn’t please say so if it is please list some ways.
I have thought about making the player model be like an actual person but the face and torso being very bad rendered so it helps reduce lag. I have also thought what if it displayed a button above the person’s head.

In the game you would have

Something like this so that its easy to know what player you are passing to and what type of route he is running. I dont believe it is possible as roblox has maximum amount of parts and other stuff before the game is to laggy to play. The game would only work on console and pc. Is this possible? Is it even possible to script it or build it?

  1. Yes you could make this, Look at RB World games, or other already made Football games.

  2. Same question I guess?

  3. You could definitely make a Rhtro character and it could leak decent. There are already characters made by Roblox they’re not for sale anymore I think.

A game like this would require a lot of experience in scripting. And would need good animations / modeling and scripting to look close to madden.