Is it possible to make a part with no thickness?

Hi, it’s me again! I am currently working on an interesting plugin that would work best if I had the possibility to create smaller parts than 0.05. Maybe this could be a building problem, but I don’t know exactly where it belongs. So, to help you understand my problem better, I have a video here:

It would really nice if i could make a part with no thickness, so i could solve my problem. If you not understand how polygons works and not can help me, then this maybe can be useful:


I guess that is not currently possible on studio, but you could just use a single plane on blender for that matter, its basically 2D

In case you need the polygon just knife it from one point to the other.

And import.

You will probably face other problems with this.

I want to create a plugin to import the meshes into in-studio, but in a way that you can change them later. So I need something like that in-studio if possible…

I don’t think it’s possible to make a 2D part/union/mesh. .05 studs is the minimum measurement for one axis in the Scale property

Its possible, but the process is not really cool.


Cut the green part on red part

You will need to play with the part property to move it as close as you can to cut it.

The image above is before moving it.

The result is this.

Is so thin that if you put the camera in the correct angle it disappears.

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