Is it possible to make a pause menu

Hello, I was just thinking of some things for ideas for my game I have in mind, something that came to mind was a pause menu. My game idea is a single player experience (I know I’m going to get slack for that but it’s my game idea, and that’s what I want)

The problem is, is it even possible… say I had tab or something for the ingame custom pause menu and it was pressed, would there be some way to freeze everything such as any hostile npc, animations and or cut scenes.

  1. I am not really advanced with scripting (yes I know it’s bad practice to want to make a big game as a beginner, this will be after I’ve done other smaller projects and in the meantime I want to experiment with things that would be useful for my game idea, and or gather information)

Some things I thought could happen is if the menu is open the npc is somehow locked in place any animations stopped and or cut scenes etc somehow stopped.

Basically my game idea is adventure type game with a storyline and characters etc, it’s inspired by Rise and Shadow of the TombRaider. With my own characters and of course different story/lore.

Plan is to have a custom main menu with settings etc, my idea for a pause menu would be
Save (if that is something that’s possible I’m still doing research on this)
Load (again depends on the save)
Quit to maun menu (saves game and quits game and goes to the main menus)

Right now I’m just looking into things to get a feel for stuff, I know not everything will be possible, but I’m also wanting to just experiment and well… do something that hasn’t really been done. It’s not a game for profit but more of a passion project and game I’d want to play.

it is possible and I have did once a test of making a gui that when opened it freezes everything then if you can click resume everything goes back to normal

for cut scenes you would need a script that can handle when everything freezes I think however im not sure about animations

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When you pause query all the things that are animated on the client and set their animation speed to 0. Anchor any moving parts, including the HumanoidRootPart of the player/NPC. Add a debounce event tied to the game being paused/unpaused for functions to check if they’re currently waiting for something that’s paused, like they’re attempting to damage something while paused.

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Cool, this is great to know when the time comes I’ll have to look into it a lot more, any other feedback is appreciated

possible, but pausing animations, sound and scripted cameras might be harder

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Hmm so maybe if I was able to do this, disable pause while a cut scene is playing.