Is it possible to make custom in game clothing?

My idea is basically i want to make a game pass for 150 robux and clothing data store data store in easy way example: i want re-create this on roblox. i know its kinda impossible the hardest part would be data store also if i tp player into another game to create less lag is it possible to make all clothing data store.


This is theoretically possible and has been done before, however I don’t recommend attempting a customization feature without adding some sort of moderation for custom game clothing as it would be very easy for people to add inappropriate images onto their avatar. I suggest staying as far away from this type of stuff as possible to prevent punishment.

Note: This topic is in the wrong category. I’m pretty sure this topic should be posted in #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

yes u have a poit but if i do that it will go through a mod approvle

If it can be moderated, that can be acceptable - but you should be careful about this stuff. If moderation makes one slip-up, then you could get your account banned.
On another note, I don’t know the technical details of how this would work, but I’m pretty sure you could download images attached to an external website. I’ve seen this being done in Studio before where the user could enter a Minecraft username and it would come up with that username’s skin. Review on my Minecraft Skin Importer's Plugin

ik but can u tell me how to find good mods and how to do that? (not asking for script)

If you want to implement this into your game you’re going to need to script it. There is no other way to preform technical Roblox features (particularly with Gamepasses) without coding them to work as intended. I’m sure someone else could probably figure something like this out, but I haven’t heard of anything like this being made in current-day Roblox.