Review on my Minecraft Skin Importer's Plugin

The plugin can import absolutely any minecraft skin with resolution 6432 like “roblox starter character” with painted surface guis with help of frames!!!
I don’t know should I publish the plugin depends on feedback :slight_smile:
How to use it:
1)Download random skin 64

2)With special html page, convert image to text file, where will be written colors of every pixel of skin, because roblox plugins can’t read images themselves

3)Importing that text file with help of plugin in roblox studio

and u get roblox character model (resized to minecraft Steve’s sizes) with surface guis on every part of body, and special transparent part “Cap” welded to head which with surface guis too,
so it is possible to enable and disable cap on head :stuck_out_tongue:
4)if to rename model, to “StarterCharacter” possible to use play with it, no one part of body will fall (motors are fixed)

PS:plugin uses two types of optimization:
1)where it is possible, if nearest frames have same color, they will be combined, and it happens with loops for X,Y so if whole side will have same color it can become one frame.
2)main color optimization, the most used color will be a frame with previous zindex and new frames with so color won’t be made.

Main colors in text file:
PS2: what’s point of the plugin? possible to make clothes(skins) for game for example for different teams, without hiring clothing designer(if u like minecraft style), also possible to replace html page with php script on web server and plugin will send images and get text files without using html page, or even web server will find skins by nickname, but I am looking skins myself not by nicknames, so I don’t add that opportunity yet, maybe in future.
PS3:If I will find sponsors, I can make minecraft fan game in roblox with skins by nicknames when players will join and will type nicknames

I attach the roblox place with skin and text file of skin.
It is my first topic here, thanks for reading C:2020_07_27_swat-14916784.txt (9.6 KB)


what do you think about it? should I publish plugin or make game better than mineverse xD?


I don’t know how useful minecraft skins would be useful, good job though.


Hey really cool mate anything else that this can be used for other than Minecraft skins.

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Well made, unique idea, overall just great. Great job! :+1:

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I think it was a really good idea to use emojis to split different sections off, It’d be cool to see different ideas done with this same concept


the HTML website doesn’t work, is it just for me?

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Yo this is actually really good, good job

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Hi, is the Javascript actually safe? I want to try this out but idk

(Also, the link to the js file doesn’t work)