Is it possible to make HD Admin commands not show in chat but still work?

I have a game and the admins always use commands in chat which just looks bad/makes the game look bad. I use HD Admin by @ForeverHD and I want to know if there’s a way to make all commands still work and work in the chat but just not be shown in the chat box/history.

Is this possible and can someone help if it is or tell me how?

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Never looked at the code base so I’m not sure how easy this is but you could try converting it to use TextCommand instances which are automatically hidden in chat. Other than that I have and will always recommend you make your own admin system.

Better to just not use HD and create your own. Hell, it has to be one of the worst free admin models for games, really destroys a game’s professionalism.


That’s your opinion, I think HD Admin is great, especially because I also have all the module scripts and UI which means I can edit.


If you build it yourself you have an even deeper level of control. That’s just how it is.

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Yeah like @FloofyNezzled said, it is my opinion when I say it isn’t good but you can’t deny, there is a much greater level of control when you build it yourself.

I realise that not everybody wants to hand build everything - especially if they’re doing the game solo; however, for long-term security and control, I highly recommend you develop it yourself.


i dont script. idk how to script, sry.


Oh okay, no worries it isn’t a requirement or anything anyhow; just do what you prefer.

Use the HD admin console. To use it press the ’ key. HD admin is currently not updated anymore, because the developer, ForeverHD is working on a new improved admin called Nanoblox.

ik but my admins dont listen. they always use chat

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Another way is to put /e before your command or (if you have admin team) teamchat it using /t or pm to someone using /w user.