Is it possible to make it so darkness is light, and light is darkness?

Hello! Now this may seem weird, but im wondering if it is possible to make lights produce darkness, and darkness produce light. I need this to make level 1.5 for my backrooms game im working on. Hopefully this is possible!

(Also sorry for posting such a complex topic)

I dont think this would work unless you start building your stuff in a complex way (in which this would work out)

Oh, I see. Who knows though, it might be possible through complex scripting. Though, thank you for your feedback!

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Nope, entirely impossible. Particles could work but idk. Roblox’s engine cant do this, mark this as solution unless you find a way for it to work!

Currently it’s impossible. A very hacky way to do this would be to create a cylinder object (for roundness) that’s super small but in front of a light source (point light, spotlight, etc). If done right you can create this type of effect.

I would suggest creating a feature request for this though, odds are Roblox can implement this and it’ll be 10x more performant (and more efficient) than any hacky solution that someone gives you.

I’ve had shadows glitch out with some simple models I’ve made in blender, I think your best bet for now is to mess around in blender with different shapes and try to get something that’ll make shadows but be invisible

yeah, I just made a part that can make shadows and is invisible if not viewed from the top or bottom

Edit - forgot to put this in, but I can make it a model and link it if you’d like