Is it possible to make it that when your arm moves your tool does NOT move with it?

So I’m making a gun and I’m animating it to move in the player’s hands (the player is being moved with animations) when my player animation plays and my player’s arms move the gun is moved into a really weird position because the gun is also being animated at the same time, so I want it that my gun doesn’t move with my arms. Is that possible?

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you could make a Motor6D stuck to the HumanoidRootPart/Torso so it doesn’t move with the hands, tho I suggest making the gun and player animation 1 animation and not two seperate ones, as so far as I can understand you made it into 2 seperate animations?

Tbh, this section is more or less not a Scripting Issue, so can you put it under the right tag.

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You could make a fake arm, make the real one transparent, and move the fake arm around.

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The gun animation isn’t really a regular animation, I’m tweening the grip properties to basically move the gun, I’ll try using a motor6d, thanks for the advice.

Which section would be appropriate? This is sort of a general development question.

Thanks for the suggestion, it sounds like a little more work so I’ll first try other solutions

Yeah tweening never likes any kind of welds/constraints/forces/velocities, I do suggest doing that instead; tho you can try to use 2 sepperate animations;

  1. For the player
  2. For the gun

This would probaly work, I was amazed that animating a gun didn’t work for you, as I thought you used this method.

Btw, could you be so sincere to close this topic, if you’ve no issues with this? Thanks! :smiley:

I thought you could only play animations on humanoids?

Pretty sure it’s best to leave your topic open so other people can find an answer on it if they have the same issue

That’s true, that’s the tool is Motor’ed to a part of the character, so it still works;

Let me explain how tools work; so when you equip a tool your RightGrip inside your Hand (R15) or your Right Arm (R6) will be stuck to the Motor6D, the position, orientation, etc can be changed inside the tool properties, so if you add other Motor6D’s inside tool itself you can animate them.

I suggest doing more research on this topic of “Animating tools”/“Tool animations” and or even “Gun animations”, if you really feel the need to.

sorry but which motor6d are you talking about?

image R15
I forgot where it was located for R6, I might be wrong here, but it gets created on the spot of equiping the tool? (or it was a weld)
if it’s a weld I suggest making the handle just a part and turning it invisible and then putting a Motor6D on the Handle and the parts.

OOOOH I think I know what you’re talking about, I can edit right grip so that Part1 is HumRootPart instead of RightHand and the tool will be attached to the hrp as oppsoed to the hand. Sorry for the inconvenience, I had no idea RightGrip was added to RightHand when you equip a tool, I thought something was going on in backend and I wasn’t able to edit it. Thanks for the help.

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Lol, good luck further on! Was working myself on guns, but sort of paused on it; as I am making a very complex gun system which is customizable.
Oh and don’t forget to have fun at what you do! It always helps! :smiley:

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