Is It Possible To Make Scripts Edit Other Scripts?

Hello! I was wondering this for a while, is there anyway that a script can edit another scripts contents?


(Doesn’t Work - Just Example)

script.Parent.Parent.Script.Code = print("Hello")


You cannot write through scripts, but you can write to script.Source by running code in the command bar or through a plugin script only.

For example :

  -- code in the command bar

  local code = game.ServerScriptService.Script
  code.Source = "Edited"


game.ServerScriptService.Script.Source = 'print("hello")'
-- note that you can't double-double quote a string, use for example,  single quotation marks for strings including "double quotes"

Hi. Just so you know, it is also possible to create code during run-time and execute it! You’d need loadstring() for that. It doesn’t let you edit script’s source though, which is what you needed.

You could also just use ModuleScripts, right?