Is it possible to manipulate texture quality from a GUI?

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I need help, I am currently working on a system settings, but I would like to know if it is possible to manipulate the quality of the textures from a GUI, ie a graphics environment, this graphics environment would adapt either from the GUI or automatically depending on where you play, ie A phone a console or a Pc, that’s why I need to know if it is possible to manage the quality of the textures without having to load new ones for each configuration, in advance Thank you!


Yes. Its possible to manipulate the quality of textures in Roblox from a GUI. You can use the Roblox settings object to adjust graphics settings such as texture quality. The settings object has a property called “GraphicsQualityLevel” which can be set to a value between 1 and 21, with higher values indicating higher texture quality.


You can then adjust the GraphicsQualityLevel

Here you have an example:

-- Get the device type
local deviceType = game:GetService("UserInputService").DeviceType

-- Set the graphics quality level based on the device type
if deviceType == Enum.UserInputType.Touch then
elseif deviceType == Enum.UserInputType.Gamepad1 or deviceType == Enum.UserInputType.Gamepad2 then

In this example, the graphics quality level is set to Level1 for touch devices (such as phones), Level16 for gamepad devices (such as consoles), and Level21 for all other devices (such as PCs).


Thank you very much for your contribution, it is very useful to have this kind of information and more if it comes from a person who has a level of knowledge and elegance in his work.

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