Is it possible to move data?

Hey everyone, so basically I have 2 donation boards, and I want to switch the data from one donation board to another, is that possible? Thank you!

Are the donation boards in the same game? If so, you can just switch their positions.

Yes they are in the same game, but I mean how do I switch their data?

I think the boards have completely other designs, otherwise he probably wouldn’t ask honestly.

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What is the difference in their data? Is it like one board for last week donations and one for all-time donations?

Did you make the donation boards yourself?

Literally no difference, just 2 different donation board, just different design.

I don’t understand… if they have the same exact donation data, why do you need to move the data from one to the other?

Old donation board :

New donation board:

They don’t have the same exact donation data! Thats what I am trying to do!

What, specifically, is the problem with the data? What are you stuck on? Can you not use the same DataStore for it?

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What I am asking, is it possible to move the data from this donation board (the one I want to replace) to the new one I made, is that possible?

Absolutely, but I’m not sure what the problem is. If the data is saved in a DataStore, then when you make the GUI on the new donation board you just need to load data from that same DataStore.


Oh okay thank you for your help!

If there is a script that handles the DataStores inside the old donation board, you should be able to move it into the new donation board…

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