Is it possible to offset images in an ImageLabel like the Texture class?

I’m wondering, is there anyway to offset an image in a single ImageLabel?

I know the Texture class can do this, but why can’t the ImageLabel do so?

You can achieve something like this using the ImageRectOffset and ImageRectSize properties of an ImageLabel. If you set the ImageRectSize to the absolute size of the image you are using, you can manipulate the area shown by changing the ImageRectOffset property. It’s intended use is for sprite sheets so it’s not the most intuitive for your case, but it works.

How do I use them? there’s just so much and there isn’t all that much explanation about it


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couldn’t you just use crop? Infact any of those could work depending on what you’re thinking of doing with it.

No, I can not use crop, as you cannot “move” the image. All crop does is keep it sized, and centered.

Are you looking for a texture type look? where it replicates when scaled?

ImageLabels already do that. I just need to be able to offset the texture

Well, I’ve tried everything but I honestly don’t know how to, It’s pretty difficult

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Guess i’ll have to stick to the old frame with ClipDescendants set to true, with an image label inside it. But thanks for trying anyway!

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