Is it possible to override one font attribute in RichText?

You can write your topic however you want, but you need to answer these questions:

  1. What do you want to achieve? Keep it simple and clear!
  • Define two attributes, color, and weight. Then, override only the color of another word while keeping the same weight, while also adding only one closing </font> tag.
  1. What is the issue? Include screenshots / videos if possible!
  • Adding another <font weight="Weight here"> before ending a previous font tag doesn’t render the text in RichText, just raw. e.g.:
<font color="rgb(255,50,10)" weight="SemiBold">C<font color="rgb(60,185,0)">Groups</font> Selected
β””β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜ β””β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜      β””β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”˜
Before ending this tag ↑                        Override color only ↑             Then end.
  1. What solutions have you tried so far? I can make a new tag per word/phrase which specifies the appearance I want for them, <font attribute=value>word</font><font attribute=value>some phrase</font>

I’m simply curious if overriding attributes of a tag in the middle of its scope is possible.

You must add two. No way to circumvent this.

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