Is it possible to play an animation located in ServerStorage?

Hey, I’m curious to know if it’s possible to recieve an Animation instance from the server via. Remote and play it on the client?

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If you want to load the animation directly on client, you have to use shared directiories (Replicated Storage or something like PlayerGUI if you want to hide it from exploiters :skull:). Theres basically no reason to store animations in protected directories, since it doesn’t protect the animation from being used by exploiters, just makes it harder for you. You can still load the animation from server, even though you will have delays on that.

It is possible to load an animation from ServerStorage using either ‘game.ServerStorage:FindFirstChild(“Animation”)’ or ‘game.ServerStorage.Animation’. However, I’m not sure about accessing it through a RemoteEvent. Based on the fact that it is possible to find the animation in ServerStorage, I assume you can use an event to play the animation!