Is it possible to pre-calculate the destination of an object?

let’s say we have a ball

When we throw this ball forward, it goes down due to gravity and hits the ground.
but how do we know exactly where this is going?

My Plan:
a very fast object stops when it touches the ground and comes to the player’s hand.
but the Touched event detects it slowly when I say stop a fast incoming object, sometimes it detects it early, so it is not obvious. I want to know the place where it will go as soon as it touches it and to determine its Position there.

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How will the ball be launched?
A force?

If it’s fast moving I wouldn’t rely on physics too much. One option is to use ray casting to find objects in front of the ball, or precalculating the endpoint by using ray casting across the arc of the ball (could be inaccurate if the end point happens to have been on a moving object). I think there’s a module that does something like this called FastCast. I haven’t used that though. Basically the idea is that you step in increments along your arc with short ray cast tests to see if there’s a hit object and where it hit.

If you’re interested in using this without the API mentioned above check out Roblox’s built in RayCast API

We can pre-calculate the goal for a part, You will need to know direction and origin and acceleration

local pre-pos = (origin + direction) * acceleration

However this may not work with fast physics