Is it possible to premium camp in your own game and make robux?

I didn’t know what category to put this in as everything gets flagged in Development Discussion and this has to do with my game so technically its Game Design Support. Please let me know what category to put it in if its wrong.

I made a game a while ago now named Nooby Clicker Simulator. I noticed a fair few users that joined the game had premium subscription. I got some robux from the users with premium subscription which then made me think, is it possible to play my own game for hours, with premium, and get robux from it aka premium camping? Is it possible to make robux from my own game with my own premium subscription?

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Yes, your own premium account will generate you premium payouts. It’s just super time inefficient and you won’t make a ton back from it. So I mean, if you’re willing to leave your account up and running like that for days just to generate maybe 50 robux, be my guest. I don’t think it’s very worth while.


Ok. I have another question though. Say I or another user purchases the highest tier of premium and they play my game for hours, will I make more robux? So what I’m saying is will I get more robux from those who have the highest tier of premium than the ones lower?

Premium tier doesn’t affect premium payout levels, and the price you’d be paying for premium would vastly outweigh any amount you make from camping your own game—Roblox also takes more into account than just the presence of a premium player, meaning you’d have to be interacting with the game at all times in order to generate the meager payouts anyway. Being completely idle won’t generate any robux


Was testing my game alot and made 1k+ from it and it only has 211 visits which is odd and its from premium payouts