Is it possible to put a normal map on a decal?

So I can put normal maps on material variants and surface appearances, but what about decals?
And also another question - is it possible to make a decal that can be moved? So like if I had a tree and I wanted to have a decal on a certain spot, can I do that without a texture? (not even those have normal maps)

Decals are really outdated, so to answer both questions: no, you can’t.

You should put your decal on a fake, invisible part. Then you can move that part, and not the tree.
You “can” put your normal map on a decal, but you have to export the decal, give it some UV’s, generate normals and then import back to Roblox.

Well the thing about putting a decal on an invisible part is that the decal is flat, and so if I put it on a sphere, the decal will float on the sides. I need like a decal that can be moved (like a texture) that wraps on parts, but supports normal maps. Also, wdym “give it UV’s”, I can’t put normal maps on a decal. I have the normal maps. I need to put the normal maps on a movable/ wrap-able decal, or texture.

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Not really. You can use SurfaceAppearance, however.

Nope. Well, unless you’d be willing to edit the UVs.

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