Is it possible to render player characters with lighting using scripts?

(Correct me if it should be on scripting support)

Title says it all, is it possible to make a players character rendered, like in youtube thumbnails with lighting and all that?

Like, making a script that could do that.

sure, if you render them in something like Blender
the lighting and quality in those thumbnails aren’t replicable in Studio imo, they’re made in blender (or others) specifically for those features


But, is it possible to do it in just a script? In studio?

As in make your workspace have that level lighting quality? You could spend some time messing with lighting effects and properties to achieve something similar. Your main hinderance with Studio is going to be the resolution and post-processing you’re losing by not making it in Blender which is a truly “rendered” image instead of simulated


Yes, its actually already been done.

Is it practical? Absolutely to the nah.

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I’d love to know who made it or how its done and what it does. Though if not thats fine.

You can find a few here:


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