Is it possible to replace the default CoreGuis in your game?

these things:
Capture Capture2 Capture3

Is it possible to create GUIs that are aesthetically different to them but serve the same purpose? I.e pressing the ROBLOX logo button would open up the menu, and if so, is it possible to change the menu look too?

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Yes, you can make custom versions of them.

You can disable the default ones using this:


Replace ["type"] or type with whichever ones you want, with All being all of them:


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I don’t exactly want to disable the default ones but just to change their looks

Disable them and then just replace them with something else.

does “disabling” just mean hiding the uis?

Chances are it does, as there really isn’t anything else that it would do.

I guess you could test it and find out, I can’t right now, though.

Also, I’m pretty sure that you cant mess with the menu button.

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Old Post

If you want to customize them, you can find the clones ones by running this in a Playtest in the command bar:

local ScreenGui ="ScreenGui",workspace.Camera)
for k,n in pairs(game.CoreGui:GetChildren()) do
		n:Clone().Parent = ScreenGui

Then go to the camera, copy the ScreenGui, stop the playtest, and paste it into StarterGui and customize it.

Nvm, ignore the past post, that was regarding CoreGui.

I think you the item you’re looking for is RobloxGui, heres a model:

Btw, inserting it will lag a little since there’s a lot in the RobloxGui.


i dont know the difference sorry

The Only Way You can change them is to create your own custom version of them. You can pretty much recreate everything other than the roblox logo button (because there isn’t any way to open the roblox menu through scripts)