Is it possible to retrieve a previous SendNotification property?

If I want to send a notification for a player that he pressed a wrong key, if he presses this wrong key repeatedly, the notification will appear “stacked” repeatedly.
To avoid this, I want to test whether the text received in a notification is the same as in the previous notification.
I know I can create a helper variable for this, but first I would like to know if I can retrieve, for example, the text of the previous notification to compare with the text of the current notification that will be sent.

If the instance remains the same, you can store the previous notification in an attribute.

Yeah, that’s the same of storing the previous text in a global variable. That was not my question.

Then there is no reason to ask this question? There is no property in any of the text instances that keeps the previous text (for obvious reasons).

That is exactly what your helper variable would do. The only situation I can think of that would even remotely require something like this is multiple scripts accessing the same instance, which is why I offered the attribute solution.