Is it possible to save data for a game without linking it to a player?

Let’s say 100 different players have played my game. 80% of them died within the first 5 minutes of gameplay. I want to create a system that can log when a player dies and then save said data to the game—allowing me to later retrieve the data via admin panel UI, webhook, etc.

Is this possible on the Roblox platform or would I have to use an external storage method? If it’s possible, how would I go about doing so? (would I be able to use DataStore2?) If it’s not possible, does anyone have any recommendations for an offsite solution?

I tried to search the web for solutions, but I couldn’t find any relating to this issue. Maybe my wording is off? I’m notoriously bad with datastores so any advice, tips, or tricks are greatly appreciated!

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DataStores already don’t directly save data to a specific player, when you make data save for a player it is basically making its own subsection of a DataStore, so you can just not use a specific player to save the data to for a sort of global DataStore.
You could create a table, and if a player dies within the first 5 minutes, add them to that table on the server. Then, every couple of minutes, get the current datastore table, add the new table content, commit the new full table to the datastore, clear the table and rinse and repeat.

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I never tried using GlobalDataStore, but, maybe that could work. I dont know if thats what those are for
Global DataStore

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Hmm, players can’t just give you script… and there is no script!

What do you mean by “players can’t just give you script … and there is no script!”?

Whatever, you don’t understand i mean do your own script, players cant just make a script and give! And whats the problem i don’t see any script to fix the problem… its about scripting not others

Hey Zahra, I see that you’re relatively new to the developer forum. I recommend reading About the Scripting Support category and Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum.

I never asked anyone to write a script for me. I’m perfectly capable of writing my own code.

I clearly asked if it’s possible to create a global datastore system. Not asking someone to write it for me.

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Bruh the catagory is script supoort so it should be somthing about scripting…

Do you not understand what a DataStore is? How do you think a DataStore is created? You have to script it. I won’t be responding to you any longer because I can’t tell if you’re just unknowledgeable or if you’re trying to troll me.

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Yea but where’s the script how could i fix it bruh, so should i just read your post whats the problem to fix you dint even created a script

This place isn’t only for fixing existing scripts. He’s not asking us to write him a script, he just needs a little guidance, and he’s skilled enough to take care of the rest. It’s not a requirement that he shows a script.

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