Is it possible to script a Roblox IP ban script?

I have a question: Is it possible to make a Roblox game IP ban script?
Like what I mean is to prevent a roblox user that exploited or did something wrong rejoin with an alt so he can continue not respecting the rule,my script idea was to get the Roblox user IP,then script automatically puts the Roblox user IP in a webhook and then when the banned Roblox user tries to rejoin the game it doesn’t make him join.


No it is not possible to IP ban someone

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Not possible for obvious security reasons, only way I can see this being possible is if Roblox adds some sort of BanService that you just call and ban the player, but the game will and should never be able to get the player’s IP.

Your best bet currently at preventing alts is to make your game paid access, but that comes with obvious downsides and doesn’t necessarily stop alts.

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Yeah this isnt possible in this current state

as far as i know, No. you cannot fetch a user’s IP adress and for good reasons. but i think that roblox should add a player:Ban() and player:IPBan() feature. The closest you can get to “ip banning” a player is to blacklist the player’s UserId. And even if you “Ip banned” the player they could just use a VPN or a different device.


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