Is it possible to set up a Discord Webhook with a localscript?

Is it possible to set up a Discord Webhook with a localscript and how can I do it?

I am wanting this for a certain GUI usage to call for an in-game admin.

No. You can’t send HTTPService requests from a LocalScript. If you want to achieve this when something happens client side, use remote events to send the data to the server which then sends the HTTPService request.


It’s also quite insecure to initiate a Discord webhook request from a client. A client could easily open up the script making the request (or even just watch outgoing requests) and spam your webhook link.

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like @anon24371531 said once u r done with setting up the remotes u cn use this

I really do not recommend having the client fool around with remotes that deal with webhooks, unless you don’t make it visible at all.

Though it’s not adviced am just gonna give you the answer.

It’s always possible to use remote events to accomplish that.

No its not possible like people above have said you need to use a remote event or a filtering function and then a server script to accomplish this.

This is a link to a model made by papaneguest: Discord Feedback System - Roblox
I have used this before, and it works well! Just put the script into server script service and change the Webhock to your own one then place the gui into starter gui and the filtering function into replicated storage.

I hope this helps!

Edit: I forgot to mention that you need to turn http services on in game settings and your game also has to be published!

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