Is it possible to still become a regular?

As @buildthomas had announced in a previous post, he said that post approval went bye bye. I know that one stat is the post approval feature. I am unsure on the huge delays and what caused them.

The basic question is: Is it possible to still become a regular, still without post approval?

Ever since post approval was shut down, I felt like I couldn’t post any more stuff that needs to go through post approval.

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It will be possible. DevRel has a replacement for post approval, just doesn’t look like it has been implemented yet. Once that is implemented part of obtaining regular should be whatever replaces it.


Are you sure on that? The post approval thing looks like it isn’t very set up well so far and that seems new kind of. The main solution is on where the things process and how they successfully pass through the procedure. It seems hard in some ways because I feel like theres no other way.

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I don’t know what the procedure is, nobody does except for devrel. But whatever the procedure is it will replace post approval and should be part of promotion to regular. If you have a question about it you should email them.

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