Is it possible to still DevEx after you've had warns/bans?

I was wondering if it was possible to still DevEx after you’ve had warns/bans?


It depends on what warnings you got, I personally got a warning for an asset being mistaken for inappropriate material, if you search “Can I still apply for DevEx if I’ve gotta a warning for … “ then you should be able to find a website like I did, I cannot remember the website I used though. Bans I’m not sure about. But I’m pretty sure that it all just depends on how many and how severe your warnings were / ban reasons. If you only have like 1 or two warnings I probably wouldn’t worry.

Its based on the reason and the time since then. Any semi-recent bans/warns that include things such as scamming, or gaining Robux in an against TOS way will most likely affect your chances.

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These rule violations will make you ineligible for DevEx: