Is it possible to use FilterStringForBroadcast without a player value?

hey, Im making a discord bot that allows cross communication between discord and roblox games. The issue Im having is that I need a way to filter text WITHOUT a player value due to the messages coming from a source outside of roblox (discord). I looked around and I couldn’t find a definite answer, is it even possible?

I don’t think so. I would recommend keeping the player value, or else it might now work. You can try it, though.

the issue is I dont have any player value to go along with it.

Why don’t you just set the value to the player in the game?

there is no player in the game, the messages are coming from discord. Are you saying I just set it to some random player in game?

How is it sending it to the Roblox server if there are no players in the game? That won’t work there has to be a player.

I made a bot that allows players within roblox to chat with users on discord. discord messages are coming through a nodejs server which then sends them off into the game.

Are they chatting with them through the Roblox friends chat or in-game chat?

in game, let me send a screenshot



Just create a new filtered string instance for each player in game, then put it in chat for each user.

BTW may I ask what webhook proxy do you use?

it isnt a webhook, its a bot. Currently Im hosting it using nodeJS on my PC. Im running the bot using the open source package discord.js. Im going to be moving the hosting onto a 24/7 host later tonight, thanks for helping!

No problem! Thanks for letting me know.

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