Is it possible to use Licensed music that you have permission to use?

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So today I kept wondering is it possible to use licensed music that you have permission to use.

so let say the user has permission to use audio.
Would Roblox delete audio for Copyrights Reason?
Would you have to email the staff that you have Permission for that audio with Proof?

Only You?
So let say this user has permission to use Audio in his game Only
But, What if That user let everyone be able to use this audio anyone game?
What would happen in this case?

Third-Party Companies
So Let say the person got Permission to use this Audio From Third-Party-Company
Would this be a Direct ban?
Would the Audio Be terminated from Roblox-Libary or Audio Is good to use?


I’m not sure but I’m just guessing that it should be okay as long as you have the permission of the creator and proof.

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I’d recommend you message a staff member about this as it’s in a rather large grey area. Also there is a chance of your audio getting removed from roblox’s library.

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Ive had a music artist allow me to use all of his music in my game and so far I’ve been fine.

Copyright works like this when the original creator of something sees somebody using it for their own personal gain and without their permission the copyright holder has the right to dispute the claim by filing something such as a Dmca. So the question is will the person come after you for putting music in your game?

As for roblox I would get a written permission of use from the copyright holder just incase roblox freaks out about you using copyrighted music. But I doubt they will come after you.

Usually what happens is roblox gets a dmca and they will punish you and if they see anything that they think they will get a dmca from they will get rid of it.

So a way to avoid that is simply when you upload your audio put in your description licensed by artist or courtesy of artist.

In the TOS they do allow music but they have some specific rules I’d really recommend looking at that if you want more clarification.