Is it possible to weld something while in game?

Idk if this is the right topic, tell me if it isnt but if I put a script so that for example if I press q, a part will appear and get welded to my sword to make it look bigger for a couple of seconds? Is that possible?

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You could use WeldContraints and just create a new weldcontrant using the


Ok thanks so much Ill try this out.

WeldConstraints but if you need to rotate parts that are welded, use a weld instead of WeldConstraint.

what’s bad about rotating something using WeldConstraints? CFrame.Angles works just fine

WeldConstraints does not have a C0 or C1 property that can change the CFrames of the welded parts.

What if I weld something to a body part? is that possible?

If it’s a regular weld or a motor6d, then yes. You can rotate the welds.

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WeldConstraints allow rotation and movement utilizing CFrames, I’ve even seen many tutorials from reputable developers giving out tutorials, and even use WeldConstraints for modifying CFrames myself.

Don’t think so. I just tried it and it completely voids the entire model when trying to set the CFrame. Also take a look at this


Doesn’t really matter, I know for a fact that CFrame.Angles() works with WeldConstraint, you’re likely welding it wrong or not setting it to the primary part.

But if you mean rotating parts individually, you wouldn’t use CFrame because that would break the welds if you’re not applying it to the welded primarypart, you would use Vector3’s instead. I’ll even show you proof that CFrames work with WeldConstraints

Ohhh I was being dumb and was changing the CFrame. It worked with Vector. Thanks.

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