How do I set the CFrame of a weld constraint?

I’m currently making a fighter jet with a cool looking moving door.
I use weldconstraints to weld every object of the fighter jet together.
My question is, how would I go over editing the CFrame of a weld constraint?
What I normally would do is:

But weld constraints have no C0 nor C1, so how would you do this?
I’ve seen a post that was kind of related to this, but I didn’t find any answers.


You can’t, weld constraint doesnt’t have any Property except for Parent,Part0 and part1
For a moving door, you can use a Weld, or a Motor6D using a Rig Editor, that might help :slight_smile:


The reason I didn’t use regular welds is because they automatically teleport to it’s Part0.
I’m kind of new to using Motor6D’s, would I have to break the weld with the body of the aircraft and the door in order to move it?


Fixed my own issue here. Thanks to @varjoy for the tip to use Motor6D’s, the door functions as intended now.