Is it possible to wrap a textlabel around a cylinder?

hey all,

I’m currently developing an airport and was wondering if you could wrap a text label around a cylinder.
attached are some pictures, my current solution is to just union some parts together to make a letter
any help would be gladly appreciated

ive looked around the wiki and i havent been able to find my answer :frowning:
sorry if this was in the wrong category, im new :slight_smile:
Screenshot 2024-07-10 181043
Screenshot 2024-07-10 181110

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You can’t wrap a text label around a cylinder. What you can do is instead use a Decal, with the image ID being an image of the letter you want. The letter will probably have to be rotated 90 degrees to get the desired look you’re going for.

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Could also use a MeshPart so you don’t have to flip the letters, you would still need to use a decal though.

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Rotating a letter for an image is rather simple and it lets you still use the default Roblox cylinder.
So, yes. You can use a MeshPart, I just don’t really see the point of it myself, especially if it’s going to be the exact same shape as the default Roblox cylinder.