Is it possible weld part/meshpart to bone, so it will act like welded not only visually, but with collisions too?

Hello, I’m making game. Now, I started doing game characters. While I found some topics related to my problem, after trying to implement them, I sadly realized that all that ways work only visually, while collision was unaffected. Is it possible to weld Part to Bone, so it will move with it?

You probably need to make the bones in Maya or Blender

I already use bone instances. My problem is that they instead of moving PARTS they move mesh VERTICLES, and due to this, collision stays the same.

So they move other near body parts too?

So you want mesh deformation type or the default thing like r15?

Yes it is possible to weld parts to a bone as Roblox added a new constraint to fix this issue


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