Is it really possible to build a true open world game (no loading screens between areas) on Roblox?

I am making an open world souls like RPG. I’ve only finished the first area and I’ve already seen a noticeable performance drop. Has anybody actually built a massive, detailed open world with minimal performance issues? Does streaming enabled actually even work? How can i optimize best? Am i going to have to use different places then? HELP!!!

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Even massive open world rpgs have some loading screens, like entering a new building or area. The best thing you can do is use content streaming. But it can only do so much, if you want an extremely huge open world rpg, you should separate different areas of the map into new places, such as larger buildings, new areas or islands, etc.


Yes, but you would suffer from floating point errors.


Wouldn’t ZonePlus fix that? I used it for a game where you have to have the gravity controller enabled in certain areas and it fixed my issue.

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I remember there was this game called starscape I used to play (Mine around in space) and it had many different sectors and you could go into hyperspace (as in star wars) to visit new places and the transition was practically impossible to tell since it was quite seamless so if you wanted to make it feel like it was seamless you can make portals that you can walk into and be teleported.

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An open world game is possible if you don’t want loading screens, granted it will be small. Almost every open world game I can think of has loading screens, so I doubt one on Roblox could go without it either.

Just use places. The problems of floating point errors and streaming enabled aren’t worth it imo. Not to mention the potential server lag…

Most people don’t mind loading screens. Just make it look good ig.

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I think you could. However, you would have it to be very low detail. Probably don’t use Humanoids if there are going to be a lot.

I think it would be a very interesting game to play without loading screens but unless you really make some indepth systems that span the entire world. I would not play it.

In other words, if you are going to make a mmo without loading screens make a game mechanic that spans the whole map. Otherwise there would be no point in playing.

This is possible, though it will for sure take some out of the box thinking.

I think the best way you could look at it is similar to what Valve has done in their previous titles to limit the loading screen times.

Perfect example of this would be Half Life