Is it safe to store things in workspace?

So I’m making a supply box. In the workspace, there’s a model where I store a folder with all the items in it. When the player presses a gui button, the item is parented to their inventory in server storage. Are the items safe from exploiters in the workspace or should I put everything in server storage?

I’d rather put everything it ServerStorage or ReplicatedStorage

If you put the items in Workspace the exploiters can see it. Although their efforts won’t do anything because they will only change the parent for client side I would suggest using server storage to prevent leaks

Put models in Server Storage if you don’t want exploiters to see them

The short answer is no, exploiters have had the ability to view workspace items for a very long time, I’ve seen people steal and upload entire maps within minutes.
Best place for important data is server storage.

Depends, if it’s a weapon then put it in serverstorage because exploiters then cannot see the name. It also makes it more organized and better in general.

They would be still able to see other people weapons though.

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Oh yeah, forgot about them being able to look in the player’s backpack. Either way, it will still look better and more organized. It still depends on what the object is.