Is it worth buying these books?

Hello is it worth buying these two books?

Absolute not. I am sure no one ever has used such a book. Its better for you to just watch youtube videos to learn or see the devforum for topics that help you script. As Roblox Development is not that hard nor is luaU. You will be fine.

Well i think in total of 800 pages i could learn something? Or not?

You can but if you have free money laying around then go ahead, buy it. If not then it is better to learn by asking people here or analyzing topics, scripts and watching youtube videos then to read that book that costs 40 bucks.

Well okay thanks for info. Ill think about it.

There are already resources and tutorials on YouTube and on the DevForum. It’s free to use, and you actually can get “live-support” by creating a new topic to ask a question.

No problem. I may not be 100% correct but just a basic idea or my opinion on it. But I am sure this opinion would be shared by quite many people. One example is above me.

I love reading books and im too lazy to watch youtube tutorials lol.

You can still read soft copy materials like topics or the Roblox Docs. YouTube tutorials aren’t the only thing you have to watch in order to learn how to develop.

This also brings up another issue with these books - outdated information. These authors of the books obviously have a good intention, but they can’t possibly be re-publishing their books each time Roblox adds something new to Luau. There’s a possibility that these books will use depreciated functions, or scripting something in a way that is considered inefficient by modern Developers.

At least, when reading about something online, they are still able to be updated for all to see, instead of being stuck in 1 copy.

They are not really outdated, made in 2021.

  • There is books made in 2022 too.

You wouldn’t really know exactly what features weren’t covered, take this update for example:

This update got released this year, so there isn’t a way for these books to have wrote about this. You already have 1 forum dedicated to asking questions related to Developing, and 1 Document full of explanations for functions usable in Studio, all still for free.

Most of the times, anything that has been covered in these coding books have already been asked or solved in a topic somewhere in the DevForum.

I’ve tried the coding book and honestly its pretty good. It teaches me every single detail in a code so I could understand every line. It also gives quizzes to check if you understood the topic. Overall I’d say give it a try in those book websites that give free trials. But this doesn’t stop me from watching tutorials in YouTube.

Do you think TheDevKings scripting tutorials are outdated?

They’re okay, at least they’re still understandable and most code they do still work now.

It helped me and also gave me ideas. For understanding the advanced and basics it is great

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any advice where to find the book online?

Read the documentation, people don’t realize how helpeful it is, when ever I forget how to write a function, the documentation has something on it.(it also has like 1000+ hours of reading in it)

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For absolute and total beginners, it won’t matter if the contents of the books are outdated or not because the topics will still be the same.

You stated that you love reading books. Yes, there is so much content already available online, and some people here have noted their preferences. To the other folks in this thread: The OP’s preferences stated that they enjoy indulging themselves in books – we shouldn’t try straying them away from their personal preferences. Another bonus is that the books that you did mention have great approval ratings by a variety of different users.

One thing that I will note is that books for learning any skill take discipline, effort, and hard-work. If you think you will get-by by just reading the books and not following along will not do you any good.

I also recommend reading a chapter or a section first, try to recreate what the examples or exercises teach you by memory, then go back into the book to brush up on what you’ve forgotten. Then do it again, but without going back into the book. You’ll be amazed how much you can pick up in a short amount of time.

These books say “in 24 hours”, but I would note that it’s going to take deliberate practice and far more hours than 24 hours to pick up on certain concepts, especially if you are new to these topics.

I would say that you shouldn’t just only rely on books to learn new topics, but these books seem like they have enough structure to kick-start your Roblox development career.

Learning takes time and patience! Keep at it, create a routine, and work on it every day and over time you will become an expert.