Is it worth it to make an educational game?

I had this great idea for an educational game where you can learn languages and maybe other topics (think duolingo and khan academy). I would start off with Japanese and English (translating both ways) but I would add Spanish later. For math I could do basic math (up to 6th grade) or something. I would present all of these in actually fun (because we know educational games are mostly not fun) educational games.

So, my question is, would this attract enough players? I’m having a really tough time deciding this, because while it sounds like something I might play, I’m not sure other people would.

  • Yes
  • No
  • I agree with some of these topics, but not all of them
  • I’m not sure

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If you would like to elaborate, please comment below. If you choose I agree with some, please comment which you agree with (I assume language)


if you were to make it dont make it just because you want players, make it so you can learn other peoples languages but this game sounds like a really good idea

Thanks for the feedback! The only thing is, I know this game will take a long time and some funding (I want to award badges to players who pass the test at the end). I don’t want it to be all for naught, so I would like at least some players to do it.

I think it is, but not at the same time. I think you could really help people out there, but would it get much peoples attention though? That is kind of my concern here. But overall, this is a good idea and if you take the right approaches, it could work out.


Yes, you can!
If even possible, students might even play the game.
But… make sure to add gameplay and importantly, fun!


There is a very low chance that it will attract players. First of all what is the main audience on Roblox and what do they want? Well they definitely aren’t looking for an educational game, they’re looking for something that’s fun to play.

Even it you try to make it fun it probably won’t be fun for most people. Why? People don’t enjoy learning something they don’t want to learn. For instance no matter how good your karate instructor is you may still hate karate if your parent is the one forcing you to take karate.

EDIT: Also why would someone use your game over using Khan Academy? If you look at the about the team page on the Khan Academy website, a lot of them have experience teaching math etc.

Because they don’t have a game format, I guess.

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My take on this? Don’t force the educational side.

There is little incentive for a player to play an educational game unless forced to or if they are an overachiever, which isn’t very many.

Duolingo is a good tool, but it’s not natively attracting a lot of people, it’s that it’s marketed to teachers so their students have to use the resource. If you plan on marketing to teachers, that’s a niche market on Roblox.

If you were to keep the educational stuff relatively hidden or even if the gameplay was just out of this world amazing, then you could attract a large audience.

“Lua Learning” seems fairly popular for a game that strives for y’ know, teaching. I mean, the saying “People don’t enjoy learning something they don’t want to learn.” depends on who you are talking to. Kids maybe, but for a Duolingo type Roblox game, that kind of impressive and will attract devs. People do enjoy learning things.

Well it will be hard to code all of it in and all of the lessons, cause there are a lot of things you learn from 1-6th grade.

An idea for teaching languages: Make it a story game, but you need to learn the language to progress. Just make sure to have some fun elements. I’m working on my own educational game, I’ll let you know if i come across any tips.


Cool! What will the game be about?

A villain goes back in time and messes up the past and changes the outcome of a major historical event. You need to go exploring the world for clues to find where the villain is hiding out, and after you find out where the villain is, you need to get the highest score in a quiz against 3 players. If you do, you get to chase down the villain and save history.

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Already answered: How popular are educational games these days? I also made a post in this thread

Most of the time, the game is worth making if the genre is popular on the platform. Name one educational game in Roblox. Maybe Lua Learning? How about educational games that are gamified? None whatsoever.

Most educational games are aimed towards adults anyways. I don’t think there are that many adults in Roblox nowadays.

Educational games are only successful if the designer manages to hide the learning element behind gameplay-- make it obviously and it might not be successful; it already seems difficult on paper. You’d have to invent your puzzle/logic mechanic to attempt at one.

Most of the time, good educational games revolves around the masterful use of paradigm shift, players having this mental shift is extremely rewarding; enough to hold a player’s attention.

I wouldn’t make an educational game in Roblox.

I’d love to help you! I also want to make an educational game myself!

First of all this is really old but I just got another educational game idea so still relevant.
Second of all I’m not really recruiting anyone right now, but thanks.