How popular are educational games these days?

Hi! Roblox has a wide variety of games available, however, not many that are focused on teaching the player about a specific topic.

A great example would be Lua Learning by @boatbomber. It effectively engages the users, providing an enjoyable and informative experience.

Beyond that, I do not see very many games solely focused on learning. I am genuinely curious about your opinions on bringing more educational games to Roblox. I personally would love this, specifically in the form of financial literacy games.



Educational games aren’t popular these days.

I haven’t seen educational games in Roblox. Gamification is a difficult thing in game design, making learning fun is hard in general. There aren’t many topics that can be taught to children with an interactive media.

You can try out making an educational game in Roblox just for experience, don’t expect many players being in it though. Testing the waters of the demographics is plain risky. I think you would be the first aside from your example.

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I agree with you. But I also think it is possible to incorporate learning into a fun experience. For example, a “Business Simulator” or anything related to simulated jobs, business, etc can include a lot of financial principals and the game can leave “Tips” that explain what each concept is and how they are beneficial.

How educational are you thinking?

There is an entire game sort about learning and exploring.

You can create an educational game and submit it on the forum here:

I have done this to two of my games since mid March and the results are staggering (+ the release of the Recommended For You sort in June continues to help).


For the first week in March this sort existed it was 3rd row, then moved to 4th row, causing a shift in concurrent players.

Though in July the sorts moved far down on the games page, and rightfully so, I love that the recommended for you sort is 2nd row.


Does “Educational” have to be anything specific? Meaning the game is essentially a tutorial with a load of informaiton? Or a regular game that implements topics they want to teach in a fun manner, with explanations and such?

Play a few of the games on the sort. I don’t think any of them are tutorials with a load of information because that’s never fun. We’re creating games, not books.

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I tried making educational games to learn from it, I can certainly teach concepts… but making it fun is the hard part. Good gamification hides the learning component, so playing the game teaches the player without actually being direct about it.