Is it worth making a Learn and Explore game?

I have been recently thinking about making a Space Adventure game. (That falls under the section of a Learn and Explore Game) I started thinking of a simple map design and some simple notes about what the game is going to be about.

The Problem with learn and explore games is they do not generate a lot of place visits the highest I have seen Is Pilot Training Flight Simulator, witch (of 8th of august 2020) generates like 1.1k views. (Time: 3:08 PM GMT+8)

In Conclusion, I would like you to help me decide to make a Learn and Explore game or not? Like I said they do not generate much views BUT are really fun to play, normally because they are well made.

Extra Info: If you have time and want to work on this project with me message me. If you want more information on the idea, well here is some; I would like there to be like a launch than to space you go kind of like World Expedition but with rockets and in space. I’m thinking of like a space trip to any planet you want to go to. Maybe on the ground I could put information about space and our solar system. That’s all I have in mind.

Edit: I found a game on the learn and explore game that surprassed PTFS I forgot what it was called but it was 4 pm (GMT+8)


Yeah I like the idea, maybe like you stop at different planets where you find out about those planets or something, sounds good. Personally I think that the Learn and Explore category is a good place to get players


Me too, i think i would like to work on this project. I’m a Begginer with scripting btw so maybe i could do building stuff or something. I’ll just do anything that I can and something that isn’t beyond my understanding :slight_smile:


Sure you can work on this project tbh im new too. do u have discord or any communications?

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Yes, I have Discord, My profile is Mikivojca#7171

I’d really be glad if i could help you make something you like. And i’ll try to do my best.

Also, I probably won’t be available today for a couple of hours after the making of this post.

I think Learn and Explore is a really cool category. I know there are plenty of museums that would let you recreate exhibits, information, etc. I know a few people who are tour guides for the historic battleship USS IOWA and they would be happy for someone to recreate the ship for a digital tour. Though your visits and revenue will be pretty low. I think learn and explore is a great area for starter devs.

Note your “Extra Info” section should be in the collaboration category.


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It depends a lot of video games normally revolve around exploring around different worlds and other objects to do whether it be having players go whatever they want and recreating reality worlds.

Exploration games that have proper mechanics and a unique game play, some games that are around that genre being open world-survival games that feature a sort of game play with a story hidden in it.

It can be worth it, from my personal opinion the reason why explore games don’t have have high visits because it either lacks proper mechanics and it may not be well put together or the game play isn’t enjoyable nor fun it may be other reasons why exploration games tend to die down a lot.

If you’re making an exploration game make sure it has an enjoyable game play if you search and read articles of different games that are put into that genre you’ll see it features different mechanics and other things to explore some exploration games feature hints and other options arrows, signs, while navigation isn’t really part exploration.

It really depends on what kind of game you’re making, and what you feel should be challenging for the players. I think this would be worth making it’s really up to you I’ll do some research on your own for finding a (concept actual game play with different mechanics - story ect).


Thanks for you information (and thanks for the catergory i should change the extra info to) i think i might actually start the project at the end of the week to think and stuff.


I meant that Learn and Explore games not just Explore games but they basically have the same meaning but they dont have the educational part too it. Thx for ur info btw.


Awesome I’m excited to see how your game turns out.


Know this post is two years old but if you want the truth, I’m about to spill it.

I am a moderator for Pilot Training Club, the group that controls the Pilot Training Flight Simulator experience. Been on the team since 2019, before the Learn and Explore category was introduced. We were the first batch of experiences on the platform to be added to the category, and have been on it since.

While PTFS has grown significantly since this post, I do not believe our being added to the Learn and Explore category had a significant effect. All the experiences that are popular in the category were already popular beforehand. PTFS’ largest increase in player base came from adding mobile support.

So ultimately if you want to create an experience that is themed around learning or exploring, then by all means do so. But don’t expect that somehow getting on the Learn and Explore category will magically make your game “big”, because it simply wont (as you pointed out many of the other experiences on the category are completely dead.)


Oh wow thank you for your response I was part of this community for a year or so and I ultimately gave up on this project of mine and really making games. I’m still thinking about making a game that fits in this genre roughly so this really helped me.

If you are interested in making a Learn and Explore game, then I would suggest looking into creating a Luau themed game. Luaus are a lot of fun and can generate a lot of interest from players. You can create colorful and interesting maps, and you can also add a lot of puzzles and mini-games that require players to use their knowledge about space to complete. You can also add a lot of fun decorations as well as items that players can use to decorate their own spaceships. You can also add a lot of educational content such as facts about space, our solar system, and the different planets. You can also add some fun missions and challenges that will require the players to use their knowledge and skills in order to complete them. I think this type of game could be really interesting and could be very successful.