Is it worth to create plugin now?

Hello, I’m making my own plugin. It will help devs (and me) work with terrain faster.
But I have 1 question - is creating plugin for $$$ worth it, because I spent 1 MONTH on it, and I made only Editing tools (1/3 of planned plugin tools), and I still need make Generation and Manipulating, which I think won’t be easy (like pulling, indentation tools which I plan do for creating hills and mountains)?
Also, now roblox added plugin price cap of 100+, and IDK now - is it worth to create plugins now?
Can someone tell me, what I should do - focus on my game (around 10% finished in 1 year, bc it VERY big), or I should try finish and sell my plugin, which I wanted to make to make my work faster?
(just if someone want to look at plugin (NOT FREE INSTALLATION!!!))

Also, tell me please if this’s wrong category, and if ou can, say correct one.

Build plugins to improve your workflow / because you’re interested in building them. Plugin development is not something you should do for money, it is not profitable on Roblox because the demographic does not see plugins as something worth paying for + marketplace fees here are steep on top of the demographic being unwilling.

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