Is it worth to sponsor this game?

I finished making this game a while ago, I haven’t sponsored it yet. I have 10k robux and I would like to know what are the chances of my game making a profit if i spent the minimum 2850 robux (10 ad credits) to sponsor the game. Currently the only source of making robux the game has are donations so I don’t know.

Game link: The Examination - Roblox

I found the game to be quite boring honestly. I get it that it’s a reference to the survey game but I feel like it could be better by making the conversations feel more anxious.

Do you have any suggestions on what to add? I played the other survey games and I didn’t feel anxious playing any of them really. I kept expecting a jumpscare but not much else

I did give one to make the conversations more anxious and kind of scary. I see that your goal is making the game scary (as you have quite big text “do you dare enter?” on the icon and thumbnail which I suggest fixing by making it reflect the theme more. Maybe just take a snapshot of the game itself?) which could be done by making the “ghost” jumpscare have an actual good model and feel more scary as well as the conversations being more personal.

The ghost model is a model off the toolbox, I don’t know how to model. The game icon used to be a screenshot inside the game but I couldn’t get a good one and the current game icon is more clickbaity. I do want to make the survey more personal, but i don’t know how i would do that inside roblox, the original survey game which is made in unity tells you your actual name by looking at the currently signed in user’s name on your pc. This being impossible in roblox, i have a question where the survey pulls up 2 of your friends names on roblox and makes you choose one of them, aswell as making them appear in the room besides you. I could add more broad questions by getting questions for some of the most common phobias but that would get annoying. I don’t know how I can make the game personal when its the same game for every unique person that plays it. I would like suggestions tho

when the mug fell my game crashed lmao, was that intentional


Did it really crash lol? No that was not intentional, i did update the game to fix something small a while ago so maybe you were caught when the game updated.

otherwise a great experience, it shows it’s… newbieness but I enjoyed it

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yup, first completed game that i published. I think the biggest thing holding back the game is my lack of modeling skills

your game is really good for a first one you’ve made public, low amount of errors and bugs. but, i’ve noted a few things each time i’ve played.

there was a small UI in the center of my screen, looking like this.

i couldn’t exit out of it.

i also noticed a couple spelling mistakes, although there is only a small amount.
i’d suggest add punctuation to the end of each sentence and make a space between questions for a few seconds to bring the eeriness up.
(you could also try to add a very slight camera shake as the questions get more personal, and maybe make the ambience slighly louder as the game progresses)

you could add a little bit of lighting in the main room, as it’s difficult to see much in the room.
adding some decals (such as cracks, scratches, or stains) and material to parts could make the player more anxious about their surroundings

i believe you can get really good at modeling if you just tried a bit.

you can start off by using meshes from the toolbox and adding parts to them, unioning parts together, and soon get the hang of blender! (these are what i’ve done)

you should use them in your game, so if you come back in the future for updates you can look over it and try to improve each time.

all in all, your game is really nice. i think you should just work on a few things to make it even nicer!

(this is my first post, may not be constructed well)

Honestly, if the only way your game makes robux are donations then it probably won’t be worth it

Thanks for the feedback. And yes I now realized that I forgot to make that ui part disappear when you exit the donations

Sponsoring a game through Roblox is generally not recommended. If you were to sponsor you should probably use other means such as social media.