Is it worth writing all the abilities in one script?

So I’m doing battleground in roblox where at the time of the mode will be 15 abilities and the question is:

Should I make a separate script for each ability? If yes, then there will be 30 scripts since there are 2 per ability (local and server).

Or should I make one (two) script for all abilities. But then the server script will be at least 1500 lines, which is a lot.

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I’d say use a ModuleScript to handle each ability, a ServerScript to handle what functions are called in the module, and a LocalScript to tell the server when to activate what.

Always verify parameters, cooldowns, etc. server-side to prevent exploits.


I would use individual ModuleScripts for each ability.

That way you can add, remove and edit them easily.

That sounds like a better idea, but only if more than one function is required for each. Otherwise, there’s no point in it being its own module really.

Yeah, I can see that.

I was just thinking of the ease of calling a ModuleScript when needed instead of using Events.

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