Is it wrong to use game kits?

Hello there! I’m new to this Category and I have a question. Basically what the title says, Would using a Game Kit someone else made be alright if you ‘Make It your own’?

What I mean by that is, I take the kit and modify it to look nothing like the kit at all. I have trouble with a lot of scripts so I was going to see about using a Game Kit to at least help me with somethings.

Of course, I would need to credit the person who made the kit since they did most of the work on things. but I just wanna know if it would be right y’know?

also, I have no idea if I’m posting this in the right category…


It’s alright to use it even without modification. Those people put it out so you could use it. Why would they make it public if they didn’t want you to try using it? Just make sure they aren’t SUS scripts though (Aka make sure they don’t have exploits).


If someone made an asset that is on the market place and uses the title “Game kit”, I’m sure it would be good to use in you’re game.


Hmm i see, thank you for the comment! I was just making sure everything would be alright to use a Game Kit, like i said certain scripts literally kill my drive and mind.


Using a kit is perfectly fine! In fact, that’s exactly what they were made for! :laughing:

Kits are how I started development, and how many others, I assume, started to learn as well. Pre-made kits are great learning resources, as well as great (and usually free) usage! Like @AidanPlaysYT_Real said, check through the kit and verify you are not adding a virus or backdoor into your game.

Good luck, my friend.


Thank you for the help, and I looked through the scripts and I didn’t see anything sus yet. and I even published it to test it all out with a friend and it seems to work perfectly with nothing wrong.

Though I must say the GUI is weird looking haha

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That’s great! And hey, you can always switch things up. Whenever I was a rookie developer I would use pre-made kits all the time, and configure them to my liking. The great thing about free models, you aren’t require to give credit. That said, anything on the Toolbox can be used for free, as that creator has given you that right. So feel free to take and configure any kit you want!

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Builds and 3D models taken from the marketplace are often looked down on because it’s impossible for someone to know whether or not they are stolen. Scripts from the marketplace are always free and acceptable for others to use, as long as you’re willing to take the risk coming from malicious scripts. Nothing taken directly from the marketplace should ever be used for commissions unless the commissioner knows about it.

Oh, that is super useful information, though does it matter what others think if it’s a free model? at least i have an interest in developing right?

Your main player base won’t know (and therefore not care) so I really don’t think it matters. As long as you don’t take credit for whatever you used from a kit I doubt other developers would judge you by anything other than the quality of what you created.

Hmm okay that’s good, if someone like bashes at me cause i used free models or kits it would probably push me away from developing on roblox. this kind of thing happened when i was using the Unity Engine-