Is learning LUA worth it?

So I recently tried and learn how to script since scripting has always been something I wanted to learn. I also recently gained a decent level at building so I wanted to try something new. What I wanted to ask is if learning LUA will be worth it in the long run. For example, if I started learning how to script today and I get to a good level in two years, will ROBLOX still be a profitable platform? Could LUA possibly help in future career options?


If you plan on becoming a game developer for companies (or a standalone dev), I’d suggest learning LUA or some other programming language.

Anything can happen in two years time, but I still believe ROBLOX will be around and will still maintain the same profitable value as a developer, be it mainstream or non-mainstream.

LUA itself being very useful can be a bit iffy. Many programs don’t use LUA (though some do, don’t get me wrong on that) and use languages such as C++ or JavaScript, depending on what kind of application you’re using. However, one language can encourage you to learn more languages.


Almost. There have been games that is non-Roblox that used Lua. Don’t Starve Together is one that uses Lua(tested by using getfenv() and print in console).


Even if Roblox isn’t still successful in two years, which it probably will be, the skills you pick up by programming until then will help a lot with moving somewhere else. Lua itself isn’t a very popular language, but learning any programming language would make it easier to learn others. Since you’d already know a lot of the concepts, it would mainly be syntax you have to learn.


Well, let’s make this the first thing that you learn: the name of the language is not an acronym, and thus should be typed Lua. :stuck_out_tongue: Pronounced LOO-ah, it’s the Portuguese word for “moon” - pretty fun stuff!

The success of Roblox as a platform is immaterial to whether or not it’s worth learning. This should be up to you: do you find the topic interesting? Can you see yourself enjoying the process? Do you want to learn it?

Even if Roblox were to disappear tomorrow, quite a bit of the knowledge you would gain upon learning Lua would be transferable to other programming contexts. Additionally, since Lua is such a simple, small, easy language, the cost of learning it is small. There’s a lot to gain, and only a little time to lose.


If this is your first language then it can help with the fundementals and the understanding of programming.
Even though Lua doesn’t exactly have types nor does it have such a tough syntax, it can give you a great head-start to learning other languages.

Roblox isn’t the only thing which uses Lua because there’s: LOVE, gmod and even luvit - a great selection.

I started with Lua and it sure did help me, going back to the syntax there’s even a article on how Lua is similar here:

If you decide that you don’t want to learn Lua first then I’d recommend to learn C as that includes a lot of useful knowledge, then you could come back to Lua one time.

I hope you decide what’s best, happy developing!


Thank you for replying, I will continue learning Lua and developing. Also, after watching one of the ROBLOX developer conference it seems like ROBLOX is in a good position and is nicely evolving. Hopefully, learning Lua should help me with learning other languages and with future career opportunities.


Thanks so much for the reply and the Lua and C sharp comparison I will continue to learn Lua cause there’s a lot to gain, and only little time to lose.

Thanks a lot for the reply, I will continue learning Lua cause its something I have liked over the last couple of days and the long run there isn’t much to lose.

Lua is great for game dev.
Lua is nice for embedded programming.
Lua is ok for general programming and utility.

I say go and learn it, it’s a good entry into other languages and useful in itself.


Thanks for the reply I still can’t believe Dota 2 uses Lua.

It’s applicable

Once you get the basic “gist” of programming, you can transfer that knowledge to almost any other language, like JavaScript. Things like: variables, functions, arrays, pass by value/pass by reference, etc. are nearly indentical between most (sensible) programming languages.

Lua is a beast

Lua in itself is extremely simple yet extremely powerful once you dig a bit deeper. Many game engines utilize it, like Garry’s Mod or Project Zomboid. It has a wide range of applications: game engine APIs, web applications, or just messing around. Everything about Lua just works with hardly any strings attached. It’s predictable which, in my opinion, is the BEST part about any programming language.

It’s a fantastic job!

Programmers also get paid a ton! Demand for programming has dramatically increased over the past few years. This is mostly because barely anyone bothers to learn it; hardly anyone realizes how BASIC programming really is (no pun intended). Most newbie programmers stare at their first syntax error and just…give up. It’s sad to see. I agree, debugging and tracing back the stack is a strenuious task, but the eventual outcome is what makes it TOTALLY worth it!


Roblox is definitely maturing as a platform but there are many other benefits of learning Lua.

If you are hoping to get into roblox development knowing Lua is a godsend and really helps boost you up as a developer and as a future employee, that said it’s better to go niche than big, by this I mean it’s better to be great at one thing than okay at several.

Outside of Roblox.

While Lua has certainly made a dent in the video game development industry and especially the phone game market, it’s still fairly niched so learning something niche like this for the industry, in general, can make it harder to find work but when you do there’s a lot of money there :money_mouth_face:

Anyway, I have said niche over 100 times now so better end it here, good luck and happy Dev’ing!