Is loading an exploiter's loadstring on studio dangerous?

Exploiters have created loadstrings for exploits on my game. I could try to patch it without using it, but if I’m able to test it on studio then it may result in a better and faster patch. What are the dangers and would it be safer to use an alt?

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You would have to look into the loadstring and see if its open source or not also you may be able to do something if you were to create a local script in StarterPlayerScripts and see if anything happens to sum it up no nothing bad can happen but use an alt just to insure it

This is probably an issue on your end. A backdoor is probably the culprit.
Uninstall all of your plugins and check your scripts. Dont run anything you haven’t verifiied

I think he means as in an exploit script not a backdoor

if its obfuscated, it would be best for him to not run it. if not, then yeah sure

it can’t harm him but yeah, I’ll look into it

It’s a roblox script nothing bad will happen

Roblox Studio is a closed platform, which is client sided. Everything that happens in Roblox Studio won’t affect your real Roblox account or game(s). This is why DataStore (most of the time) won’t work in studio.

In general, it shouldn’t affect you. BUT, there are chances where if it’s open sourced or it’s a studio exploit, you could get affected. Similar to the RoSync virus.

Hope that helps!