Is Localscript the same as Script with the Runcontext to client?

Would it be the same if i would use Script and the Runcontext to Client and Localscript in the Client?

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According to the announcement post, yes:

However, I wouldn’t really suggest (someone who is good correct me if I’m wrong) using Runcontext because it is still in Beta…

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Sorry for necroing this, but I felt like I might as well clear up this bit of confusion.
As per my understanding of the feature, there are differences, primarily the fact that LocalScripts only run in services dedicated to the client, such as PlayerGui, PlayerScript, or the user’s character. This means that if you put a LocalScript into workspace, it will not run.

However with Scripts using RunContext, you can have a script capable of performing the same actions as LocalScripts, but not be limited to the previous mentionede restrictions. Essentially, a Script with it’s RunContext set to Client will run in any service that isn’t ServerStorage or ServerScriptService (due to the client not having access to these), whereas a LocalScript would have to be placed within the user’s character or a Client- or Replicated service, such as PlayerGui or Replicated Storage.

Hope this helps.

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