Is Mafia References a TOS Violation?

I am currently in the progress of creating a game where players can be police, fire service, ambulance service or a citizen and become a criminal. My team have thought of an idea where users can purchase a Mafia gamepass where buyers can get access to an exclusive team, extra tools etc. Would this reference to ‘Mafia’ be in line with Roblox TOS?
I don’t think it would be, however I’m reaching out here for clarity.

I’m pretty sure this is the best category for this, if not, correct me!


I’ve seen mafia teams in a ton of other popular games, and I haven’t seen any strikes against them for adding it. I think you should be fine as long as it doesn’t involve actual mafia stuff. (From real life, torture, etc.)


Alright, thanks for your help!


Well there is a mention of gangs in the ToS and you could put the mafia as a gang in suits(:woman_shrugging:). I’d say that it’s a gray area. If you want to be safe, go by the “if you’re questioning it, it’s most likely not allowed” rules saved me quite a few times.


Mafia is undoubtedly organised crime which would be considered a violation of the Terms of Service. Having said that as @BIoximus has said, really not too sure the extent to which they take this. Terms of Service also says “Criminal Activity” in games is against the Terms of Service and games such as Jailbreak haven’t had any issues with this.

If you want to stay very safe don’t include the world mafia which is specifically surrounding organised crime (think ROBLOX have changed their view on games about crime in general), but if it’s just for the name and nothing else not really sure if ROBLOX would take action.


Organised crime, while in the TOS, is one of the more neglected parts, given hundreds of games involve organised crime and no consequences have came from it, with entry point being a prime example (Its legit a game where you work for an organised crime agency)


Also all the games based on Cops & Robbers. Not to mention Notoriety, and the GTA inspired games.