Is making a gamepass cheaper allowed

My gamepass for 225 has sold a few times today after release.
I found out it is not worth it and would like to change it to 100 robux instead is changing the price allowed?

Thanks, Frepzter

I believe it is allowed, but it may annoy people that bought it before it was cheaper

Yeah it’s allowed, but give extra perks to the people who bought it as a sign of courtesy.

I think that it is fine, though it might make some people who bought it for 225 Robux to think they got “scammed”.

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Not sure on how to give them extra perks tho. I believe there isnt a way to check the first ppl that bough it

You can implement it manually by looking in your group/account transaction history, entering their user ids into a table, and giving them the perks.

What game pass is it and what game? Maybe I could help you come up with some perks to give.

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You are perfectly allowed to change prices on your game passes. There is no rule saying you cannot. People do it all the time, but people might get mad on the price change.

As said above, you can give perks for those who already bought it.

It is fine to change prices.

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You’re allowed at all. Maybe it could annoy some people, but you can do whatever you want with your gamepass (except deleting it, as ROBLOX didn’t add this feature, and making people buy your gamepass while it doesn’t work). You can raise or lower prices as you want. ROBLOX added this feature, so it’s possible. :slightly_smiling_face: